Victorystaffs Second Heartbeat

Skylar was our second staffordshire bullterrier.
She loves to run, just run. The treadmill helps her get rid of her energy when the weather doesnt alow playing outside. But her most important job is to make sure she gets enough cuddles from us humans. 
Skylar is crazy about kids in all sizes.
Skylar has given birth to two beautifull litters of puppys.

2020 - Breaking Bad litter  2022 - Prodigy litter  Pedigree 

Name : Slylar
Dob : 24-12-2016
Breeder : Vicorystaffs 
Owner : Jessica Beurskens-Bruls
Co-owner : Roger Beurskens
Sire : Quinlent Connemara
Dame : Quinlent Bring Me To Life

Skylar's Gallery